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Why you need to have a biography as a celebrity

Being a celebrity has is one of most things so many individuals have been dreaming about, due to most of the positive benefits attached to it.
What is Biography. What you need to know.

A Biography is a written article or a detailed information about the life of an individual, It is an information that tells about the story of a person, Is birth, education, career, hobbies, achievements, everything concerning the life of an individual.

The life of a celebrity is full of stories and fairytales, thus the major reasons why you will need a proper biography, well written with full details.

Why you need to have a biography as a celebrity

Why do you need a biography as a celebrity
Some many celebrities have their own biography cooked up by individuals who dont even know about them, blogs keeps creating fairytale stories about celebrities just to enhance the traffic on their site without giving full details of the life of the individuals.

Being a celebrity has alot of positive and negative vibes if not properly handles, blogs can come up cooked stories about incidents that has nevered occured in your life, telling lies about your personal life just to curse a stir in your life.

Who is a Celebrity

A celebrity is a famous person mostly on in the sport and Entertainment industry.

How to create a biography.
There a different ways in which an individual can create is or her own biography.

Celebrity Cruise

In this article we will be discussing 3 different methods on how you can create a detailed biography.

Before writing a biography make sure you have done enough research about the life of the individual.

The following are the 3 different methods of creating a biography.

Social media.

Social media has been one of the major ways celebrities have been using to meet or communicate with their audience.

This medium has helped built alot of individuals from  starting point to professionals.

How to Protect your Facebook page as a celebrity

Most Social media sites have a little dashboard or section known as “Bio” which means biography, in this section you are advised to input details about yourself, please be more detail when using this field or section.

In recent times most people don’t include detail information about themselves which is wrong making it difficult for someone to have concrete knowledge about them, Thus making bloggers or individuals creating fairytale stories about them.


Wikipedia is a Free online platform that enables your to create and publish information, the platform is open to all internet users.

How to become a celebrity

Creating a Wikipedia profile with your full name and details attached to it, Wikipedia as been one of the major source of information on the internet in relations to celebrities biographies and lot more.

When using this method be very accurate and detailed with your information, reason is, most bloggers, webmasters and individuals always gets their information from Wikipedia..

Sponsored Post.

Sponsored post are special post featured on a website by an individual, a post that is been payed to be published on a website.

You can get your Biography shared on different websites through sponsor post. Contact popular Websites asking them our you can your biography shared on their websites.

The other two methods mentioned above is free, but the sponsored post method is quite expensive, most website place their sponsored post rate from 200$ – 400$.

Celebrity Cruise, How to Make extra Money Online as a Celebrity

Although this method if well utilized can expand your Biography to a wide range of individuals mostly if it is been shared on popular websites.

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