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How to Protect your Facebook page as a celebrity

Been a Celebrity is one of the greatest dreams of every individual in the entertainment industry, This boils down to the fashionable lifestyle, the urge fan base, the love from fans, endorsement deals from different companies.

The Life of a celebrity also plays an important role in the society, Alot of individuals looks up to you as role model, as their idol, which as a result make the life of a celebrity to be more responsible in his or her everyday activities..

Been a Celebrity also, as a great impact on you as an individual, this implies to your mode of dressing, ( Always trying to look good), Your public appearance also matters alot, Restrictions to movement ( As a celebrity there places you cannot go alone e.g the market place, Having a stroll on the street, and lot more).


Been a Celebrity does not only comes with just the good side but also have its  own negative aspect which includes, ” been a target in the industry, been bullied online by your won fans, being mocked and also being insult and alot..

Reason For protecting you Facebook page.

1.) From hackers : Having a urge fan base can sometime have its own negative impact, ones you have being notice as someone who have urge fan base, you automatically becomes a target for hackers.

Who are this hackers, this are individuals whose aim is to steal data’s or information from individuals without their consent..

How do this hackers gain Access to pages..

a.) Using of promotional links: Most hackers use Promotional links to hack pages, first of all they will send you a massage with a link trying to convince you to sign up for a particular program or website ( Most of them will ask you to input your Facebook details before you can login into thier website)

The very moment you input your Facebook details into their websites or applications they automatically gets your Facebook details which includes your username and password at their own backend.

It is advisable not to login your Facebook details on any site unless it is trusted by Facebook, they are other means of login into a website apart from using Facebook details.

b.) Trying to convince you to become a partner in their business ( Most online hackers will convince you, telling you they are going to pay thousands of dollars every week to allow them advertise on your page.. what are the tricks this guys are using. Immediately you agree to allow them place advert, this guys will send you an invite from Facebook, asking you to grant them assess to your Facebook asserts.

The moment you grant them that permission they automatically becomes an admin on all your page the is under that asset, which gives automatic permission to remove you from your own page. Note, this method is almost very difficult to detect, because Facebook it self is the one sending you the invite..

What do this guys advertise, most of them will tell you they advertise, Nike, Adidas and lot more, their price can be tempting as some will offer to pay up to 1k – 10k us dollars just to advertise for just a week… don’t fall for that its a scam.

What is Facebook Asset: This are your Facebook properties e.g your pages, when you create an assert on Facebook, you wil be told to add your pages to your assert, which enables you to manage all your pages from a single dashboard without stress.

You can only have permission to create an asset on Facebook if you are an admin of a particular page. Check on to create a Facebook asset.

2.) Competition
When you have a rival that is always envious about your progress, your page might be reported, which can lead to Facebook disabling your page. Boom all your millions of followers gone. It has occurred to so many celebrities who like accusing top celebrities, Die hard fans of those top celebrities can report your page.

3..) Facebook Policy
As a celebrity you must learn to understand Facebook policies, most Facebook users online don’t even go through Facebook polices, thus making them loose their page . Read and understand Facebook policies so you don’t violate their rules.. Facebook Policy Violations can lead to your page been disabled.

What are Facebook Policy: These are the rule guiding the safe usage of Facebook.

How to Protect your Facebook page as a celebrity

1.) Stop logging in your Facebook details on every website.

2.) Learn to have more than one admin, an admin is like the owner of the page, having more than one admin reduces the risk of loosing your page, if your main Facebook profile is being disabled, an admin of the page can manage that page untill you recover or create a new profile, that other admin have the permission to add you back as an admin of the page.  Before giving out admin roles, you know and trust the person. Less you can make the person an editor, An Editor as the ability to make post on pages, check massages.

3.) Stop logging your details on other peoples phone unless you trust the person..

4.) Create a two factor authentication code, you can use through SMS or you can associate it with google authenticator. Two factor authentication code increase the security of your page..which mean whenever you try to logging, Facebook will prompt you a massage, either an sms code or your input the code on your Google authenticator app.

5.) Have a unique password: A password that is very strong and difficult to guest.

The world is different from how it use to be, if you are a celebrity with urge fan base its comes with a lot of commitment..

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