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Putting on chauffeur hat on the west coast

Isn’t it true that I’m the mother of athletic children? My kids spent the most of their youth being shuttled to and from rinks, baseball diamonds, gymnastics clubs, track and field facilities, and championships in the west coast.

But for now, I’m driving my brother’s car around Vancouver.

On occasion, the entire west coast family travels somewhere that necessitates the use of two cars. My brother has commissioned me to drive his car around because he is now unable to drive owing to the risk of future seizures.

My brother’s car isn’t brand new, but it isn’t old either. My brother’s car, in comparison to the one I drive at home, is hyper contemporary! My father’s ancient Saturn, which I drive back home, is a 2002 (20 years old) and in good condition.

He took such good care of it, keeping it in the garage during inclement weather and not driving it very often, that it still gets my now-adolescent children to and from rinks.

Because my children are not accompanying me on this trip, no rink visits are planned. Instead, I take my brother, nephew, and other family members to see my sister, who lives on a mountaintop.

In a strange automobile, I drove up and down switchbacks, which was quite entertaining… In fact, descending the hill seemed a little like riding a roller coaster.

The hill is significantly steeper than it appears in the picture. I felt like I was standing at the top of a roller coaster about to fall into the abyss.

How to Overcome Pain has a celebrity

“Don’t kill me,” my brother warned as I descended the steep, narrow path to a tiny bridge over a small creek…

Anyway, while I’m in Vancouver, I’m chauffeuring my life away. And fantasizing about new automobiles…

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