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Celebrity Cruise, How to Make extra Money Online as a Celebrity

Celebrity Cruise, How to Make Extra money online as a celebrity as become one of the most asked questions by so many celebrities.

The life of a celebrity is full of So many Opportunities if not well utilize can turn into a liability. So many Celebrities have been looking for several means on how they can earn extra cash online.

In This article will discuss about some means on which you as a celebrity can Convert your online presence into cash, if well utilize can be a major source of income.

Celebrity Cruise

Some many celebrities has lot or huge fan base which at to some extent has become a liability to them since they dont make anything income from their fan base, rather spending alot of money and data to stay updated with the latest trend in the industry.

How do you make Extra income as a celebrity.

✓ Monitization of Social media Profile and Page

Most Social Media platform roles out monitization tools e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TiktokQuora.
Celebrities with huge fan base Can easily apply for Monization tools on this platform, through this medium you can earn extra cash, if utilized properly can even become your main source of income..

a.) Facebook Monitization:

To be able to monitize on Facebook you will need to have a Facebook profile or page, with a minimum of 10k followers. Facebook has different monitzation options so you can check which suits your needs.

b.) Instagram

We are all aware Instagram is also another good platform where celebrities use as a medium to gain extra cash, those with huge fan base can easily monitize thier profile and start earning, you can check more about Instagram monitization tool.

c .) Twitter

Twitter is also another good means if making so good amount of cash, although not like Facebook and YouTube, Twitter also has its own monitization terms you can check it here..

D.) YouTube

These platform has served as a major source of income to alot of people, youtube is a video content management platform, As far you can create a good video, a vudeo free from copyright then you are good to go.

YouTube monitization legibility is 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours, only then you can apply for monitization.

There are alot of social media platforms that pays very well, A list of that will be made soon..

✓ Influencer

Apart from your normal income, you can still make alot of money from being an influencers, you can be paid to promote products on your social media page or profile, you can be paid for promoting a page .

✓ Freelancing

You can charge allitle token from your fans and Train them on how to get task on jobs online, you can create E-books and sell to your audience, you can connect your fans to clients seeking for jobs at the end you get your own percentage from the deal. This are just easy means on how you can make massive income from just your page.

✓ Selling of Social media Page or profile.

As a celebrity with a huge fan base you can easily generate followers to a new page or profile, you can create a for a product, generate followers to that page and put that page on sale, you make good money from that.

✓ Blogging.

You can can make money blogging, creating content, writing about your own biography, publishing Latest updates about your brand. How do make money blogging..

1.) Create a website
2.) Focus on a niche : A niche is something or a brand you intend to write about. It could Biography of celebrities, gardens, flowers, anything that interest you.

3.) Monitize it with an ad network.
We have alot of ad network that pay very well. E.g
* Google AdSense
*Rev content
*Ezoic and lots more..

Write unique articles and apply for monitzation.
You already have a fan base, share your website articles to your social media page and profiles.


Celebrities can make huge amount cash online if they learn to optimize their fan base and make good use of it. They are millions of way out therr to earn extra cash as a celebrity, sit down and thinking, dont depend on only just one source of income, it might way you down.


Celebrity cruise are ways on which you can easily attract several opportunities to yourself as a celebrity learn ti optimize the best opportunity, dont just have a huge fan base, learn to monitize your fan base and start earning extra cash. This article might not meet upto your standard but stleast there are one or two things you can pick from it..

Please like and share, dont forget to drop your feedback in the comment sections …Thanks ..

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